The above painting is an example of Helen Smagorinsky's contemporary folk painting. The painting alludes to Brockport as a "community of the imagination," with the Erie Canal, several classic  buildings grouped together by the artist to represent Brockport's Victorian village's downtown, Hartwell Hall of the College at Brockport (which was founded in 1835), an apple grower's barn (to allude to Brockport's rural roots), and references to Brockport's past history (as represented by the antique car). Helen Smagorinsky is one of the five artists covered in the DVD "LIFE IN AN AMERICAN VILLAGE: ART, SELF-ACTUALIZATION, AND COMMUNITY" who live in the Brockport area.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Tim McCreight, Metalsmith, Instructor of PMC Technique

Tim Mc Creight, an expert in metalsmithing, has published a number of books on various aspects of metalsmithing, including JEWELRY: FUNDAMENTALS OF METALSMITHING, COLOR ON METAL: 50 ARTISTS SHARE INSIGHTS AND TECHNIQUES, and PMC DECADE: THE FIRST TEN YEARS OF PRECIOUS METAL CLAY. In the DVD "LIFE IN AN AMERICAN VILLAGE: ART, SELF-ACTUALIZATION, AND COMMUNITY," Tim provides an overview of the rise of the precious metal clay technique in jewelry making in America. This overview provides viewers of this DVD with context for the work of Alicia Fink, a jeweler who is one of the five artists featured in this DVD set. Tim is also the publisher of Brynmorgen Press.

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